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Welcome: Introduction by Daviess Menefee
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Daviess Menefee
Daviess Menefee

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the second issue of the Library Connect newsletter.

This issue focuses on two closely aligned themes: usage of electronic products and marketing of library services. Diana Leitch from the University of Manchester shares her institution’s experience with us. Additionally, Library Connect takes a close look at usage statistics with an article from COUNTER’s Peter Shepherd and an interview with Elsevier’s Marthyn Borghuis and Lotte Sluyser - the ScienceDirect Usage Research team. And the center spread this month offers success stories from our customers regarding how libraries market online resources.

You'll notice we have included one of the new "Never underestimate the importance of a librarian" ads/mini-posters on page 15. What do you think? Send us your feedback about this campaign by emailing Thank you to those we have already heard from. We hope to publish some of your responses in future Library Connect issues.

Kind regards,

Daviess Menefee, Director of Library Relations, Americas, Elsevier

Two UK Universities Receive Usability Review

In the first issue of this newsletter, available at, Library Connect announced a Web site usability review to be provided at no cost by an industry expert. Now we are pleased to let you know that two UK universities, which plan to merge, have received this complimentary review. These institutes located in England are the University of Manchester and University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (

Dr. Diana Leitch, deputy university librarian with the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, is representing both universities in the review. To find out what’s on Leitch’s mind regarding digital libraries and related topics, see page 2. For the outcomes of the usability review, stay tuned. This newsletter will soon report on highlights from the review, Leitch’s reactions, and which aspects - if any - of the review get implemented.

We thank Elsevier’s User Centered Design group (see page 5) for providing the review, and we thank all our readers who offered up Web sites to be placed under the microscope. Given the strong response to our call for sites to consider, it seems that usability remains a hot topic among librarians.