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Welcome: Introduction from Karen Hunter
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Dear Colleagues,

Karen Hunter
Karen Hunter

Welcome. This is the third issue of Elsevier's Library Connect and we are enormously gratified with your positive response to this effort. Please continue to let us know what you think and how we can improve and enhance our communication with librarians.

As a scholarly publisher, Elsevier appreciates and values librarians. We are advocates for librarians and your role in education and research. We know you have to be your own advocates as well. This issue features articles on library advocacy and examples from the field. We also hear from you about who or what you believe your strongest library advocate to be. An interview with Carole Moore of the University of Toronto looks at library metrics. And if you are interested in being published, we have an article with tips on that process. There is a feature on strategic marketing and, among the many news items, an update on The Elsevier Foundation. The Foundation has started to make grants and welcomes your suggestions of deserving projects.

We look forward to your continued feedback. Tell us what you like, what's missing, and what we can do better. And let us know how we can be advocates on your behalf.

Best regards,

Karen Hunter, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Elsevier, New York