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Introductory Comments : Roland Dietz
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 Roland Dietz
 Roland Dietz

Dear Colleagues,

As we continue to work together to open new doors to information access, the user community can now obtain more information than ever before. While our users are interested in learning more about recent developments in their fields of interest, they have also begun to request information of historical relevance — articles from 10 years of research in the field, backfiles from 40 years ago or historical images from more than 100 years ago. Satisfying these demands requires that libraries provide access to current literature as well as historical data that may have influence on a thesis, paper or laboratory discovery.

Furthermore, an increase in requests for archival materials of all types is likely as the nature of research continues to evolve to include more interdisciplinary subjects. Physical and monetary constraints prevent many libraries from constructing large buildings to house and make available archival items for access and research. As libraries implement electronic solutions for historical preservation, they are finding success not only in preserving that information, but also in providing access to it. Along the way, they're also creating new electronic processes for archiving today's research for tomorrow's end-user.

Consciously aware of promoting the most recent research as well as preserving past information, Elsevier takes a keen interest in archiving and the archival needs of libraries. This issue of Library Connect highlights a number of different archival projects at libraries of diverse backgrounds as well as internally at Elsevier. It also focuses on efforts of librarians to promote the use of valuable electronic resources. These selections demonstrate the thoughts of librarians who want to provide their patrons with the most solid and uninterrupted research process and the information literacy skills to match. The success of these libraries can be the inspiration for similar projects or groundbreaking ideas at your libraries. end bullet

Best regards,

Roland Dietz
President and CEO, Endeavor Information Systems,
Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

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