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Welcome: Introduction by Crispin Davis
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Sir Crispin Davis
Sir Crispin Davis


Environmental issues are important to Reed Elsevier for several reasons. We must:

Although not a “heavy industry,” we do have a direct impact on the environment, principally through energy and water use, waste generation and business travel and, in our supply chain, through paper use and print and production technologies. These impacts result both directly from what we do and also from activities carried out on our behalf, such as the printing and binding of our books and journals.

We are committed to reducing these impacts, whenever possible, by limiting resource use and by efficiently employing sustainable materials and technologies. We require our suppliers and contractors to meet the same objectives.

I am pleased to demonstrate this commitment with this Library Connect issue dedicated to environmental issues. Here you will learn how Reed Elsevier and Elsevier are working to support the environment. Here you will also find information professionals talking about how their libraries are supporting the environment, and John Gale introducing the new publication International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control for which he serves as editor-in-chief.

Providing this issue is indicative of continual steps we are taking to foster environmental awareness. Researchers and librarians worldwide are working hard to support the environment, and Reed Elsevier is glad to help publicize their efforts and to be working with them and on behalf of the environment.


Sir Crispin Davis
Chief Executive Officer, Reed Elsevier (UK) Ltd., London, UK

Looking for a Speaker?
Elsevier Experts Are Available

Tony McSeán
Tony McSeán
Daviess Menefee
Daviess Menefee

Are you looking for a speaker on STM publishing, safeguarding research, global science and medicine, or advancing health care? If so, visit the newly launched Elsevier Experts page on

This new online resource offers a handy guide to Elsevier colleagues and topics they can address in talks to diverse groups, including LIS professionals and students. Here you can find names and titles of available speakers including Elsevier’s Director of Global Library Relations Tony McSeán and Director of US Library Relations Daviess Menefee.

Once you identify an Elsevier colleague you’d like to invite to a speaking engagement, send a note to Arrangements for each speaking engagement take into account the speaker’s availability as well as the audience’s interests and needs. Drop us a line and tap into the expertise available from Elsevier. end bullet

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