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Welcome: Introduction by Jeff Honious
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Jeff Honious
Jeff Honious

Who’s enthralled by new technologies yet struggling to keep up with them? The answer is all of us. Regardless of the generation we call our own, we’re always looking for information to help us make heads and tails of new technologies and figure out whether and how they might fit into our work and our lives.

For those of us in libraries or publishing or another part of the information industry, it’s especially important for us to wrap our heads around advanced technologies. Why? Because they can help us create innovative services and products to help our customers, who depend on us for access to information needed for research and work.

So here you have it: an issue devoted to discussing advanced technologies ranging from multimedia files integrated with journal articles, to new ways to measure and visualize institutional organization and scientific content, to ways to use virtual worlds and social media to further scientific collaboration. And that’s not even all the topics covered in this issue.

My hope is that this newsletter offers news you can use and ideas to spark your thinking. Please join me in thanking this issue’s contributors. And now, enjoy!


Jeff Honious, Vice President, Innovation, Reed Elsevier, Miamisburg, OH, USA

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