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Welcome: Introduction by Baker Evans
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Baker Evans
Baker Evans

The start of a new year and especially 2009 seems like the right time to expand on the topic of "performance and planning." We feel this global trend is affecting us all and that it is time to step back and take a fresh look at its meaning and importance.

Governments, institutions, libraries and publishers are putting new emphasis on assessing performance, analyzing data, setting benchmarks and goals, and planning for the future. As you can see while browsing this issue, we are working together to embrace this change and are taking innovative approaches to integrate "performance and planning" into our daily efforts.

Though this issue doesn't offer an end-all, be-all guide to performance and planning, it does offer insights and updates from colleagues across the globe who are taking bold steps to design and execute performance and planning initiatives.

Topics covered in this issue are sure to be of interest to you and include:

Several articles in this issue focus on performance and planning from the academic institution’s perspective: Jim Weyhenmeyer talks about academic research funding, Daniel Calto discusses academic performance and planning in an era of rapid technological change, and Anthony Holderied reveals insights into library assessment from the Next Gen perspective.

Though we don’t have enough space here to thank each and every contributor, I hope you all know how much your contributions are valued and appreciated. I hope you and all our readers enjoy and benefit from this issue!


Baker Evans, Vice President Business Development, Academic & Government Product Group, Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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