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Welcome: Introduction by Shira Tabachnikoff
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Shira Tabachnikoff
Shira Tabachnikoff

Always, as information professionals, we seek to communicate clearly the value of our services and products. Especially now, in the midst of difficult economic times, communicating our value becomes even more important.

So how can we best communicate our value? There is, of course, no one-size-fits-all answer. First, we must understand our customers' needs and how we fulfil those needs, as well as how we define and measure our impact. Then we must each tell our value story in a compelling and real way that others can easily understand and appreciate.

To help address the fascinating but complicated topic of communicating value, this issue brings together various viewpoints. Among articles published here, you'll find:

And you'll find Ian Rowlands pointing out, in his interview regarding the connection between readership, expenditure and research outcomes, "The entire scientific community (scholars, publishers and librarians) could improve its promotion of the added value it provides."

On that inspiring call to action, let me conclude. I trust you, as I have done, will find this issue full of advice and insights useful in navigating the waters of this turbulent time. Please join me in thanking all the contributors to this issue. And, now, let's read!

Kind regards,

Shira Tabachnikoff, Director Corporate Relations,
Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands