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Welcome: Introduction by Chrysanne Lowe
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Chrysanne Lowe
Chrysanne Lowe

What is our strategy in this challenging economy? Universities and corporations alike are taking a hard look at this question. And for those of us at Elsevier who have the privilege of serving academia, we know that each institution is unique in both the direction of its ambitions as well as the foundation upon which its strategy is based. A host of individual factors and distinctive competencies comes into play.

As a member of any organization, we are then forced to ask ourselves: Am I in alignment with the strategy? With every choice that I make, what is the return on investment? Does this change my role and how?

The editorial theme of this issue is “Changing Roles.” But you will notice in many of the articles a parallel theme of “Strategy Alignment.” To understand our morphing environments and changing roles, we must understand our institutional objectives and strategy. Only then can we, as information providers and proactive partners, contribute to the scholarly information arena.

This issue provides perspective from individuals representing various points along the scholarly information continuum. Articles include the following:

We also include an interview with Professor Lai Maosheng and articles by Juliette Goetzee and Iris Kisjes, who all discuss the changing roles of librarians.

Continuing our Library Connect Newsletter coverage of how libraries can strengthen their funding, Martin Myhill with the University of Exeter Library discusses tapping into special or one-time sources to help support an academic library.

In addition, this issue offers content spanning topics including eBooks and TRANSFER, an initiative to ensure access to journal content when it changes from one publisher to another. A hearty “Thanks!” to all contributors to this issue.

Kind regards,
Chrysanne Lowe, Vice President, Customer Engagement & Development,
Elsevier, San Diego, CA, USA