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Welcome: Introduction by Colleen DeLory
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Colleen DeLory
Colleen DeLory

How has content changed with the digital revolution, and what tools are available to access the knowledge within this new information ecosystem? These are some of the questions content innovators addressed for librarians in this issue of the Library Connect Newsletter.

Conrad Wolfram gives his perspective on applications, virtual knowledge spaces such as the Wolfram Demonstrations Project™ and the role of the librarian. He describes the challenge of sifting through vast quantities of information online and finding ways to make it usable as a “dead-center librarian kind of problem.” Michelle Lee’s article delves further into the world of applications as vehicles for collaboration and innovation. She provides background and insight into SciVerse Applications, where users will be able to choose from a gallery of applications to customize their experience.

Other highlights include new ways to access content via the Article of the Future, links between ScienceDirect and Reaxys, and image search on SciVerse ScienceDirect. We also find out how Wayne Shebilske of Wright State University’s Learning with Disability program and Elsevier’s own Accessibility Working Group are helping to make content accessible to people with physical and learning disabilities. From the developing world, we hear from individuals whose assistance in providing access to digital content supports life-sustaining initiatives.

As the new editor of the Library Connect Newsletter, I didn’t imagine covering topics like the Semantic Web, computational linguistics and application development. Today’s librarians are faced with an increasingly complex operational environment; that became clear as we put together this issue. With this in mind, a new feature will offer a personal outlook on the newsletter’s theme. I’d like to encourage you — our librarian reader — to use “Panoramas and Perspectives” to highlight your viewpoints, to share your hits and misses. Are you excited by the possibilities, or did nobody ever tell you there'd be days like these?

Colleen DeLory
Editor, Library Connect Newsletter

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