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Marketing Library Resources: An Annotated Bibliography
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About the Author
Daria DeCooman
  Daria DeCooman

Daria DeCooman expects to earn her master in library and information science degree from San José State University in 2006. Since 2000, she has worked for two publishers, Harcourt and Elsevier. For Elsevier, she has served as a marketing manager and the managing editor for the Library Connect practical assistance pamphlets.

Articles by DeCooman have appeared in Elsevier's Library Connect Newsletter. Additionally, she has written for The Call Number and AlumNews, two newsletters affiliated with SJSU's School of Library and Information Science.

Her article "Listserv Contents: Popcorn or Preservation Material?" was published in the February 2005 issue of InfoRMAA Quarterly, the journal of the Records Management Association of Australasia.


Thanks go to Darlene Tong and Shaun Briley for their contributions to this pamphlet. Both served as members of Elsevier's Global Account Development and Channel Marketing team in 2005, and provided research and writing involved in producing this pamphlet.

Ken Marks, former dean of libraries at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, also deserves a special thank-you because he reviewed this pamphlet and helped guide its improvement. His kind investment of time and generous sharing of expertise have been much appreciated.

DOI on sciencedirectUnderstanding and Using Digital Object Identifiers

In this bibliography, citations of online articles from Elsevier contain digital object identifiers or DOIs. These are links guaranteed to remain valid even if the articles move from ScienceDirect to other DOI-compliant platforms.

Regardless of the publisher or author of an online publication, the structure of a DOI link is always the same, which makes DOIs easy to use. DOI links have the following structure:[doi]. An example is On ScienceDirect, the DOI appears in the upper left-hand area on each article. A DOI entered in a Web browser must be preceded by When Elsevier-published articles are cited, Elsevier asks that DOIs be included. Stating the DOIs may help current or future researchers find the cited articles.

More information about DOIs appears at


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Library Connect Editorial Team

Jonathan Atkinson, Senior Marketing Manager, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Oxford, UK; Dju-Lyn Chng, Channel Marketing Executive, Singapore; Daria DeCooman, Account Development & Channel Marketing Manager, San Diego, CA, USA; Charlotte Dewhurst, Senior Account Development & Channel Marketing Manager, San Diego, CA, USA; Randy Frink, Director of Marketing, Endeavor, Des Plains, IL, USA; Ginny Hendricks, Marketing Manager, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Tim Hoctor, Senior Product Manager, Morristown, NJ, USA; Gertrude Hoogendoorn, Head of Marketing, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Karen Hunter, Senior VP, New York, NY, USA; Chrysanne Lowe, VP Account Development & Channel Marketing, San Diego, CA, USA; Tony McSeán, Director of Library Relations, Oxford, UK; Daviess Menefee, Director, Library Relations, Columbus, OH, USA; Chris Pringle, Publisher, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Oxford, UK; Ingrid van de Stadt, Head of Account Development, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; John Tagler, VP Account Development & Library Marketing, New York, NY, USA; Marike Westra, Manager, External Communications, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. end bullet

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